Yoga Store ebiz posts its first sale!

Yesterday I got my first sale in my new yoga ebiz store. It is always exciting to get your first sale for anything new. With the first sale comes a new journey in order fulfillment. My yoga store has many suppliers so each first sale of a bag will be a learning curve.

In addition, the new software has a learning curve too. I had to decide how to send my orders to the supplier, how to format the packing slips and invoices etc. I don’t usually do this until I get my first order because I feel like I should be spending time on getting traffic instead of the little details before they are needed.

Anyway, I contacted my supplier, informed them that I had a dropship order and they set up a wholesale account for me (I don’t get this done ahead of time either) and I emailed them my order. The order went out yesterday and I received a tracking number. The fulfillment portion went fine.

The shopping cart software in my opinion has a huge hole. I put the tracking number into the order and marked it as shipped. The software sent out an email to the customer. However, the email onlys says that the order was shipped. It also says, click here to view its status. The customer has to come back to the site and login to see their tracking number. There is no way to add the tracking number to the email, although I’m going through the code and working on that now. I cannot believe that this would not be an included feature in any cart software.

I’m sure that as time goes by, I’ll find other things that the cart software lacks.

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