Why Collect DVD Movies

When I was young I used to collect comic books, then I moved up to baseball cards and during my high school days I was collecting coins.  Thinking back, there was always the notion that I collected these items to make money.  Would I have collected comic books and kept them in nice plastic bags if I didn’t think they would be worth something when I grew up?  I don’t know.  Something about completing a collection drives us to keep collecting.

I needed a few rare pennies, one of which was a 1909S VDB Lincoln penny to complete my collection.  But even as a grown up, I couldn’t make myself pay $225.00 for the lowest grade penny.  I ended up selling my Lincoln penny collection on Ebay two years ago.  I don’t know if I made or lost money on it.  But at some point it just became a liability lugging it around everytime I moved.  Same goes for my comic book and baseball card collection.  I have these collections that are in boxes in the garage.  When you move 6 times and you realize that you have never unpacked certain boxes.  Chances are the items in those boxes aren’t too important.

Which brings me to DVD movies.  I was talking to my friend who just bought the Oceans 11 to 13 Trilogy.  Seriously, these aren’t even GOOD movies.  Why would you buy something like that?  How many times can you watch Oceans 13?  I cannot understand the need to buy DVD movies.  I’ve seen people with huge collections of DVDs.  Why?  There isn’t even a remote possibility of them increasing in value.  You probably watch each one only once.

I have some friends who buy DVDs while in the supermarket checkout line just because they are onsale and they don’t have it yet.  Just go home and put it in your bookcase with your 2000 other DVDs.  Other people have made the argument to me that it costs $4.50 to rent and $15 to buy.  If you watch the DVD 3 times I’ve broken even.  How many of the DVDs in your collection will you actually watch 3 times?

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