When does a product price get too high?

I am the type of guy who feels that his time is valuable.  I don’t like to save a few pennies when it costs me some time.  I have always just went to Target and bought printer ink cartidges brand new.  I always bought the HP brand and went home and stuck it into my printer.  Easy right?

There is always a point when something just costs too much and you feel that you need to explore other options.  This happened to me last month when a black ink cartridge was $25.99 at Target.  I go through these probably once a month now.  I hated setting my printer to Fast Draft or Normal just to save some pennies.  Sitting next to the HP ink cartidges was a simple Black Ink Refill Kit for $9.99.  I decided to give it a shot for $10.

I did not like the thought of refilling cartridges with ink.  I pictured black fingers, black desk, ink everywhere.  And I wasn’t too far off base.  It was a messy job but easy.  When I was done I tossed the ink cartridge back in and printed a bunch of sheets.  The pages came out really nice as far as I can tell the ink quality is fine. I estimate that I can fill 6 cartridges with the kit that I bought.  That’s a savings of $146.

This post isn’t really about DIY stuff or saving money.  It’s about a price point when the consumer begins to look for alternatives.  You can only raise prices so much before people think the time saved is not worth the price.  If oil changes became $100, I would bet that a majority of guys would decide to do it themselves.  But $27.99 I still prefer to have someone else do it.

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