What to do, What to do

I get in these business funks every once in a while.  I just become unmotivated to do much.   March is turning out to be a decent month for the ebiz.  Sales are good.  My warehouse is getting stocked with alot of inventory.  I’m getting a little cash poor, but I’m usually low on stock on everything so I’m trying to keep my inventory up.

This year I seem to be waffling on everything.  I can’t seem to go in one direction.  First it was renting websites out, then it was the SEO business.  Now I’m leaning towards a travel site and doing Iceland and Antartica trips.

I have a friend who will be going in the website rental direction.  I’m probably going to sit and wait to see how he does.  Of course if he does well, I’d get motivated to jump in.

The nice thing about having friends with different business models is that we can find out what works and what doesn’t and go in those directions.  It’s so much easier to start a business if you have a friend who is already successful in that field.   You can just pretty much copy him, but in a different niche.  There’s plenty to go around.

The website rental business is SEO intensive and the one thing I’ve figured out this year is that I don’t like doing SEO.  So I’ve decided to outsource the SEO and hire someone to do it.  I know that I can do it, but SEO is just not a fun thing to do.  It is a critical aspect of any business and I just don’t do it enough.  So hopefully this outsourcing works out and I can be rid of SEO management.  Finding a good SEO is very hard though.  It’s like finding a good contractor to remodel your home.

I’ve been getting alot of wholesale inquiries and it’s to the point where I need to seriously look at distribution for the products that I’m importing from China.  Alot of B&M stores want to carry my stuff, but I’ve been hesitant only because I wasn’t looking to become a high volume, low margin warehouse.  But if the volume gets high enough, I may have to do it.  I’m also running out of warehouse space already.  I can’t stock upward or else I’d need to get a forklift which I definitely don’t want to do.




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