US Postal Service – Why I hate big businesses

Every week on the Undercover Boss the CEO always ends up saying how he’s lost touch with people and how his policies are hurting rather than helping.  The USPS is another great example of this.

I print out my shipping labels at night and drop the packages off in the morning the next day.  Naturally my label will have yesterday’s date on them.

So last week I drop them off at Postnet and while I was there the mail lady comes in to pick up the packages.  She tells the guy at the counter that she’s not going to pick up my package.  You see, it has yesterday’s date and if she drops it off and it goes into the US postal system, the package will look like it’s a day late.  They get graded by the number of packages delivered on time.

While this probably sounded really good at the CEO level.  At the street level it makes no sense.  So basically, the Postnet guy has to go drop the package off himself at the post office because then, they will know that the customer dropped it off today and it wasn’t a package that sat in the postal carrier’s car for a day before she dropped it off.

Isn’t that retarded?  I doubt she would say that to a customer (like me) who walks up to her while she’s making a delivery.  She will have to accept it then.  I should let a couple packages marinate for a week before I go find her.

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