I countered the offer for the condos but the buyers did not want to come up in price. I think they may have been just sending out a bunch of low offers in hopes that someone would accept them.

My St. George land has been on the market for a week now. I got 2 emails inquiring about it from an ad I put on Craigslist about 1 month ago. I sent them both some information and haven’t heard back. I read in the USA Today that St. George real estate prices were up 31% compared to this quarter in 2004 which was third in the nation.

EBAY has crept back up to over $45 and there are only 2 days left for the option that I sold. Hopefully EBAY closes at $44.99 so I won’t have to sell.

BTW, I also purchased 20 contracts of EBAY 70 January calls. I was sort of hedging that if EBAY went up it would keep climbing close to 50-55.

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