Update on Apartment #1

Here is a damage update resulting from Hurricane Ike on Apartment #1.  Apartment #2 damage was noted in the previous post.

There was roof damage from the wind.  This was followed by major rain which led to water damage on some ceilings and carpets.  I’m assuming alot of drywall repair here.  There was also some water that got into the lower levels from rising water.  So we did get some flooding water damage in addition to the rain.

A large tree fell in the courtyard pool.  Other plants were damaged as well.   Another tree had uprooted and damaged the parking lot.  I figure that tree and plant damage is a given during any severe storm or hurricane.

While I’d say that the damage seems minimal in light of the destruction that Hurricane Ike created, it does show that little things do add up.  During a hurricane you think of flooding and the buildings blowing over.  But it looks like alot of the damage came from the wind damaging just the roof and the rain coming in.

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