Something funny occurred to me yesterday.  Yesterday, I was golfing with my friend Jon who lives in Canada.  He has been living in Phoenix for the past month and playing golf everyday.  He makes most if not all of his money online through various websites.

We were paired with another two some during our golf round.  One person was a realtor and the other was an insurance salesman.  The realtor came over to us during the round and asked what we both did for a living.  This is always a weird question to answer because nobody really understands.   And sitting with another internet guy, we both didn’t have a regular job answer for her.  Jon answered that we were both slackers who played golf, which is surprising accurate.  We had talked about how we get our websites to a certain income level and then we sort of do nothing with it afterwards and let it coast.   I’m guilty of this with my ebiz stores. We just get content and start a new site.

She said, “At least you’re not unemployed.”

That was a funny comment to us, because our goal is to stay “unemployed.”  If we have to get employed, it means that our online businesses are failing.  So while most of the world is trying to stay employed… there is always a handful trying to stay unemployed!

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