Turning $1 into $1,000: A Poker Goal – update #8

Time for another poker update.  Again, I haven’t been playing too much lately.  I got burnt out playing cash games so I switched over to Sit-n-go single table games during the past week.

I’ve only played 2,000 hands since the last update in cash games.  I’m at $359.00 now, so I’ve pretty much break even in the last 2,000 hands.  The graph has gone sideways since update #6.

As for the sit&go’s, I’ve played 10 games.  I’ve been playing $10+1 sit and go’s.  The payout for this game is $45, $24, $18.


I’m up $124.00 in 10 games placing in 7 out of 10.  Not bad.

My account total is really $483.00.  I am almost halfway there!

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