Too Many Little Projects

It’s summer time and I don’t like to spend alot of time indoors.  It seems like my computer time is decreasing so I need to get stuff done whenever I’m in front of my computer.

Unfortunately this blog is pretty low on my priority list.  I have been putting off a bunch of things that I need to do with my ecommerce stores.  So I’ve been slowly catching up with my list of stuff to do.  Problem is that since I set my own deadlines, they tend to slip and slip.  But this week I decided to hunker down and knock these things out.

Ebiz To Do List

  • Input my financials for all stores into Quicken (Bought Quickbooks but still can’t use it properly)
  • Upgrade Ebiz #1 to Interspire (Almost finished it last weekend but then Interspire came out with a new version that I need to upload)
  • Fixing shipping tables on Ebiz #2 (50% of orders are now international, so my shipping tables need to be more accurate)
  • Make 3 posts on Yoga store (Ebiz 3) blog
  • Add new products to Ebiz 1 and 2
  • Make 1 post on Ebiz 1 and 2 blogs announcing new products
  • SEO Yoga store
  • Add reciprocal link software for Ebiz 2
  • SEO Ebiz 2
  • Open Ebiz 4 (which is a combo of Ebiz 1 and 2)


  • Work on the Circuit Board site
  • Work on the Chicago pizza site
  • Update my Vacation Site
  • Build my Koi Pond :-)

Last weekend I went Canyoneering at the Salome Jug.  He are a few pictures from the trip.  I hate the way the wide angle lens makes me look all round.

So this is me floating in the water with the helmet camera.  Notice the blue sky and sunshine.

This is how we go from a high point to a low point… only after someone else tells us if the water is deep enough.

Later on the clouds rolled in and it started hailing.  The hail was maybe about 3/8″ in diameter.  I managed to get a 4 second video of it below (my camera ran out of batteries).

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