Time to Get Back to Work – in 2 weeks

Now that Xmas is over with it’s time to do all the work that I’ve been putting off.

I know that I need to do the following for the stores:

  1. Move stores to dedicated server.  I really hate to increase my expenses by $400 a month, but I know I have to.  With sales slowing down I can afford to migrate the stores over to new hosting.
  2. SEO Ebiz H & I – My rankings on these dropped over the past few months.  I need to jump start them again.
  3. Ebiz K somehow jumped to #1 in Google.  Unfortunately the store is not converting so I need to add content to this store.
  4. Ebiz L – The products in this niche are somewhat dynamic.  The suppliers seem to keep changing them on me.  Not sure if I want to stay in this niche.
  5. Create a new store for wholesale – Right now I am manually processing wholesale orders.  But the volume is increasing so I’m creating a store so that they can order directly from it.
  6. Content Content Content… I need to make more videos

For the SEO business:

  1. Get website up (This is 75% done)
  2. Get first paying SEO customer by mid February
  3. Get first website rental customer by April 1st

But first things first… I am leaving for Taiwan on Tuesday for two weeks.  I will be visiting a factory over there to find new potential products but it’s mostly a vacation trip.  I’ll get started on my list above when I get back. :)

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