Things are moving… but slowly

I almost had my condo sold to my tenant, but she ended up wanting a 1 br instead. My realtor called about one of my lots in St. George and said that we may get an offer within 24 hours. Well, it’s been 24 hours and no offer. Real estate takes forever to sell!!!

On the other hand… stocks and options are very easily to sell.

I sold my Google options last Tuesday for a profit of $561.00 in 3 days. I didn’t have the guts to buy more contracts on an option that was 100 points for in the money with a 3 week expiration. Unfortunately, after I sold it, I went to work out and came back to an IM from a friend saying check Google now! Doh, my option went up $2.00 (could have made another $2k) in the hour I was gone. Oh well, it’s better to lock in that profit than be greedy.

So I take the money and buy some Apple options two days later, Feb 06 85 call at $1.65. As of today its up $0.60 so a paper profit of $600. I’m holding onto this one until Feb.

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