The Wave, Arizona

This weekend I went to a few popular destinations in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah.  I went to Antelope Canyon, The Wave and Zion National Park.  While they were all great and beautiful, I must say that THE WAVE is just an incredible sight.

I would put it down on your must see before you die list.  Here are some pictures and you can decide.

To get to the wave its a 3 mile hike each way.  The hike to me was relatively easy, it has 2 short climbs of about 40 feet.  The second climb is in deep sand and at the end of the 3 miles so it was a little more difficult.

You need to get a permit to get access to the wave.  You can get permits 4 months in advance by entering a lottery at the 1st of each month.  They only give 10 permits a day by the lottery.

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