The SEO Book and my ebiz site

For the past year I’ve been anxiously absorbing all the material I could about search engine optimization (SEO) from online resources.  Yesterday I finally purchased the SEO Book by Aaron Walls.  I was always on the fence about buying this book because I kept thinking that I can spend the $79 cost for the book on marketing.

My ebiz#1 traffic has definitely shifted from paid clicks to organic in the past week.  I have been only spend a few dollars per day but my traffic is remaining steady.  Problem is that my SERPs are still not high enough to get the daily traffic I need to reach my goals.

Here is an updated Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERP) of my 1st 4 keywords on Google.

Updated: 12/25/07
Keyword 1 – #33 (up 44 spots from 11/9/07)
Keyword 2 – #41 (up 27 spots)
Keyword 3 – #19 (down 10 spots)
Keyword 4 – #16 (up 47 spots)

I have been checking these stats about twice a week and they seem to be stagnating and even dropping in some cases.  I felt like I could do nothing more to increase their ranks with my knowledge.  My site wasn’t getting any better and I was out of ideas.

This led me to purchase the SEO Book a few days ago.  My initial impression is “Why didn’t I buy this book when it first came out!”  I know why, “Cause I was a cheap ass.”  Anyway, I highly recommend anyone interested in SEO to purchase this book.  Let’s see how fast I can make back my $79 with the knowledge gained from this book.

I thought that I was only buying a single book.  But included in your purchase are a bunch of extra ebooks.  There are at least 10 ebooks, a video that are very relevant for my Ebiz.  For example, 33 Days to Online Profits and Killer Mini Sites are just two that you get as bonuses.   I’ve only browsed these two ebooks so far so I don’t have an opinion on them.  But I’m confident that if they are included in the package, they must be decent.

So basically, this package had exactly what I needed to compliment my ebiz.  Now I’m going to put this knowledge to work and we’ll see where it gets me.

BTW, here’s a link to the site if I’ve convinced you to purchase this book!  I just realized that this post sounds like a commercial. 

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