The Phoenix Real Estate Market

Not much going on this week. Just waiting for my St. George land to close. Meanwhile, many real estate reports that came out this week show a decrease in median home prices for many states in the country. Was September the peak? or is it just that time of the year where nobody shops for houses.

I’m contemplating putting a condo up for sale. I threw an ad on craigslist as a feeler for the market. I didn’t get one response during the week. When I did this in this past July, I got so many calls and emails within 12 hours that I decided not to sell. My price at that time was $155k, this time I’m asking $170k.

I may list it on the MLS in the next few days. I just have to decide whether I want to sell outright or 1031 exchange it. If I 1031 exchange it, what should I exchange it for?

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