The Google Funnel

funnel-system.gifGoogle Analytics is a great tool for Ecommerce.  In this post I just wanted to show you how the Google funnel works.  Basically, what you do is create a series of steps that your customer must take to obtain a goal.  The goal in this case is to make a purchase.

You can name each step and set a URL that must be reached on each step.  My store is simple and it takes a few logical steps to a successful sale.

  • Add item to cart
  • Login
  • Create Account
  • Checkout Payment
  • Confirm Order

Five easy steps to making a sale.

So let’s take a look at my store for a period of December 2007.  Looking at the funnel on the right, you can see that 175 people placed an item into the shopping cart.  111 people proceeded to login and 105 people created an account.  76 continued to the payment page where it asks for your credit card information. 58 Entered their information and 54 confirmed and completed their order.

You can clearly see that I lost almost 40% of my customers after they placed an item into their cart.  I haven’t quite figured out if it’s my store’s fault or if people just do that alot in general.  I used to think that getting a person to put something in their cart was a big step.

Once an account has been created to check out, I lose 50% on them before a sucessful sale.  This tells me that I have something wrong in my check procedure that is causing people to abandon the store.  I am getting decent traffic into the store now, so I am going to focus on conversion rate in the next few weeks.

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