The gears started to turn…

2001 continued, Got another job in a large established company. By this time I was looking for a way out. I needed the job to pay for my house, cars and everything inside them. I made a goal of getting one rental property in 2002, while trying to save money in 2001.

2002, I decided that I need to remodel my kitchen and put my one rental property goal on the backburner. I took out a HELOC to pay for my $26,000 kitchen remodel. Somewhere during this year I picked up “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Reading the book made me realize how deep I was into the rat race. My monthly expenses, utilities, cell phone, insurance, cable, including food were like $2,700/month. Realistically, I was saving probably less than $500/month. I was the picture perfect, high earner and high spender. I realized that families were getting by on $50,000/yr and here I was, a single man spending so much money. I did what most people do, I read every financial book I could find, including “Cashflow Quadrant”.

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