The Elmo wave lasted 24 hours

images.jpgMy first Elmo Ebay auctions did not go so well.  There are the foreign money order scammers that bid up your auction, win and then send you the template email about how they are overseas and will send you a money order for more than the auction if you Western Union the extra money back to them.  One of my auctions ended with a scammer.  These scammers hit the Buy it Now auctions which effectively end your listing right away.  Ebay allows people 7 days to pay, but we all know that they aren’t going to pay.

I took off two auctions because I was afraid they wouldn’t get bid up over $40.  I’m going to relist them later.  My auction of the Spanish speaking Elmo went for $56.  A profit of only $10 after all fees and shipping.

The prices of them went down from $80-$90 yesterday morning to about $55 yesterday night.  However, this morning the prices are back up to $80.  I don’t know if this is a time zone issue but I’m having trouble determining the optimum end time for my listings.  I have until December to figure that out.


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