The BIG IDEA with Donny Deutsch

One of my favorite shows on TV is the BIG IDEA with Donny Deutsch on CNBC.  For those who don’t watch the show, it is a talk show which talks mainly about business.  In my opinion, their best shows are the ones where they talk about certain businesses were started.

Donny does a very good job in asking the questions that I want to know. He asks them how they came up with the idea, what their next steps were, what they’ve learned and how they expanded, etc…

Many video clips of the show are on Youtube.  The first video below is a clip from their Why Didn’t I Think of That show.  These videos should give you a good idea about what the show is about.

The first clip is about a guy goofing off in detention in high school and ended up inventing a new pen. It was over 10 years later that he actually did something with it.

This clip is about the people who started a restaurant chain that only sells cereal.

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