Tented Lodge in Rhotia Valley

I took over 1300 pictures and over 16 gigs of HD video during my trip.  It’s a little overwhelming to edit that much video, so I thought I’d start with the easiest first.  This video is of a tented lodge that I stayed at during the safari portion of my trip.  Who would have thought that the tented lodge would be one of the highlights of the trip!  Once you see the video, you can see why it’s special.

The food was incredible also.  You could not have a better setting for dinners.  The restaurant did not have walls, so eating at night was like eating at a very fancy restaurant in the middle of nowhere.  The restaurant was heated by fireplace and also by hot coals.  They would place a pan of hot wood coals next to you if you were cold.  I wish I took a photo of that.

On top of all of this. The tented lodge was created to help fund the children’s home that the owners built.

Rhotia Valley Tented Lodges from Kenric on Vimeo.

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