Taking My Talents to South Beach, and Peru

I write as I am sitting at Miami International Airport with an exteme 8 hour layover.  I can’t believe that on the day that I have all day to sit in front of a TV that there are no NBA playoff games being played.  So, I guess I will have to settle for 8 hours worth of internet access on a tiny netbook.

At midnight I will hop on a plane to Lima, Peru and then another short flight to Cuzco in the morning.  From there I will have a day to explore the town before beginning the hike on the Inca Trail.  After 3 days of hiking I will reach the final destination of the trip, Machu Picchu.

From the map below, we start at km 88 and hike the Inca trail visiting many archeaological sites until reaching Machu Picchu on Thursday morning.

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