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I’ll try to make a series of shorter posts to go into more detail on the topics mentioned in my last post.

So let’s start with: Met with a manufacturer in Taiwan, much more expensive than China, still debating on moving forward

I had been emailing with this manufacturer for a few months.  Based on preliminary emails, his cost was very high compared to China so I really did not think there would be a deal there.  However, I also did not want to pass up an opportunity to visit a manufacturer so I had my aunt set up an appointment with him.

I went to visit this “factory” and I put factory in quotes because it was basically a big aluminum structure with a few offices in there.  I don’t believe they actually make anything there.  I went with my parents and my uncle and they had 3 people there to meet me.  We sat down and I was able to view many samples that they had.  By touching them and feeling them I could tell that their quality was much superior than the China made ones.  However, they were also at 3 times the cost of China.  In fact, as I type this out, I’m not thinking that I can get these made in the USA at the prices that he was quoting me.  I may look into this now.

Seeing the products gave me many new ideas.  I wasn’t able to take photos because they are also worried about photos going to China and people copying them.  I wish I did, because it’s hard for me to recall small details about their products which makes it hard for me to formulate an order.  I am going to see if they can budge on price, if not, there will probably be no deal.

If they can move a little, then I may give these a shot.  The minimum is 100 pcs so it’s not a huge outlay if they don’t sell.



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