Someone asked for an update?

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to keep this blog updated.  I feel like I’m doing so much and the blog gets pushed to the side.  I’ve been doing alot since my last post on August 16.  So here you go…

Jersey Shore

I went to New Jersey for a few days in August.  I got out of the Arizona heat and landed in the New Jersey humidity.  My friend Bill has a house on the ocean over there so I spent a few days on the beach.  I wanted to get a picture of me working with my laptop with the ocean in front (like a Corona commercial) but I decided against due to the sand.

Below is a picture of my friend Bill surfing the ocean waves.

Blog Upgrade

If you noticed I can finally post photos on my blog.  I upgraded WordPress finally but it wasn’t easy.  My blog database was so old that the new version of WordPress didn’t run on it so I had to basically start over with a new database and rebuild the blog.  You will be seeing more pictures on this blog now!!


I decided not to go solar on the home.  I’m going to wait and see how my friends’ solar works out and see how much he really saves.  Of course, I still get emails and calls from the solar sales people once a week.


I opened up a new store last week.  I’m getting really good at this now.  From the time of inception, which was while I was riding a bike on the Jersey Shore to its official open date was only 14 days.  The new store hasn’t made a sale yet, but I’m optimistic.

My other stores are doing well.  I keep mulling around the thought of hiring an employee.  An employee is this job market is fairly cheap, the expensive part is renting an office, providing furniture and all the utilities.  However, I think that it will be the only way to really expand the business.

I may see how this Xmas goes and bite the bullet and move the businessses out of the home and into real offices in 2011.

Shoe Site

My shoe site finally made $87.90 as of today.  So I ordered a new pair of shoes for $87.99.    I went with the Red/Black Remix this time, last time I got the Grey.

Upcoming Trips

With all my traveling, it’s another reason to hire an employee!  I’ll be heading to Chicago later this month.

No vacations in October.

Then in November to Vegas for the WSOP final table.

In December I hope to go to Mexico for a weekend but the plane tickets are insanely expensive.  It’s $500 from AZ to Mexico and it’s only $325 from Chicago to Mexico!

In January or February I hope to go to Peru to hike the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu.  This trip is much cheaper than expected.


I logged onto my poker accounts and found out I still had over $500 in them.  So I started playing poker again and the micro stakes.  It’s really fun when you aren’t trying to make money.

I’m taking Commercial Photography I and the local community college.  This class is geared towards the business aspects of photography which makes it much more interesting than a regular photo class.

I am learning alot about the business and now I can’t look at magazines the same.  For every photo I look like I wonder, who ordered this photo, was it staged, what was the photographer paid and why this photo?

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