Sold One of My Stores

I sold one of my ebizes last week.  Some may say that it is foolish to sell a store just before Christmas, but I think part of the incentive for a buyer is to buy before Christmas too.  The store that I sold was an outlier to my other stores.  It was a business that did not fit in the overall theme of my “company”.   As such I did not put much effort into it.

In fact I had many thoughts of closing it during the year because I was not motivated to fill orders or expand it further.  Even without the lack of work the store actually made money over the past 2 years.  I believe the new owner will have a good holiday season as I have left the store with number 1-3 rankings in Google in many keywords.

I have found that owning a huge number of unrelated stores is not fun.  You cannot cross promote them as they have no synergy.  For 2011 I will be  focusing more on creating stores that interlink and can have similiar and same products within them.  This should make it much easier for me to promote and do SEO for them.

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