SLC Townhome Tenant Steals My Dishwasher

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A few days ago I get a call from my property manager in Salt Lake City asking if I can call the power company to turn on the power.  This was odd because I thought I had a tenant in my condo.

Turns out that my tenant did not pay July’s rent and was evicted.  I have to check on this because I’m guess they didn’t pay June’s rent.  If it really was July, then the PM definitely evicted them fairly quickly.  When the tenant vacated the PM found that they also stole the dishwasher!  But they did not trash the place.  It just needs a cleaning and maybe new paint.

A dishwasher is only $200 so it’s not a big deal.  But you have to wonder why someone would do that.  I mean could they get $100 for it on craigslist?  Maybe they were in bad shape.  This tenant had been in my condo for over 1.5 years and paid on time every month so something must have happened in their lives.

Oh well.  It’s part of the fun of landlording.


It’s official, I signed my lease today for my office space.  I think I got an OK deal on it.  It’s 26 months @ $1400/mo average for an 1830sf space.  I also hired someone part time to come in starting August 1st.  I met this person on my trip in Prague and it feels like it will be a good fit.  I already had him populate one of my new stores and he did a good job on it.


I am heading out to Crested Butte, Colorado again this year.  I love going there and can’t wait to get onto the mountain again.  I have my 12 hour drive and a stash of Mixergy interviews to listen to.


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