SL500 is sold

Last week I sold my SL500.  I had the car for 2 years and sold it for $4,700 below what I paid.  But my total operating costs (not including gas or insurance) came out to about $4,500.  So the car cost me $9,200 total or $4,600 per year.  So it came out to about a $400 a month car.

While the car itself was a great vehicle to drive.  I just could not recommend anyone with a faint heart for mechanics prices to purchase this car.  I luckily purchased a warranty which ended up being $100 per month.  This warranty was used 3 times while I had the car and each bill was well over $2,000.  The total amount paid out by the warranty was just about $10,000.

I just wonder what a monthly burnrate on a Ferrari would be, I’m guessing about $1,000.  Oh by the way, my friend’s Lambo Murcielago window that got smashed on the way to Vegas, $4,000 just for the window!

Interesting note, the person who bought my car lives in an upscale neighborhood.  He told me that all his neighbors have been trading in their Merecedes for the Hyundai Equus.  I had never even heard of this car, but it’s a $60,000 Hyundai!  When I bought my SL500 two years ago, the person I bought the car from had 3 Benzes and a Hyundai Genesis.  He told me that the Genesis was his favorite car.  He told me that he put 40,000 miles on it and only paid out in $200 maintenance costs.  I can see why now after owning the Benz for 2 years.  I can’t imagine his cost of owning 3 of them.

Is Hyundai the new cool car?  I did get to ride in the Hyundai and it is a VERY nice car.  I wish they made a larger SUV.

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