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Last month I spent over $1000 on PPC for Ebiz5.  While PPC is an excellent way to get targeted traffic, it’s more of an instant ROI product.  If I spend $1000 and make $1300, I’m going to keep spending $1000/mo.  However, this should only be one portion of your marketing efforts.

Money spent on SEO is like long term investing.  If I spent $700 on SEO last month it would not show a positive return right away.  But 6 months later, that $700 investment would start to show.  In terms of a real estate analogy I look at money spent on PPC as cashflow and money spent on SEO as increasing equity.

In this past month I’ve dropped my PPC spending to $450.  I’ve decided to spend the rest on link building and articles.  This is a long term investment and it looks like for the month of November, Ebiz5 will be in the negative.  Some of this money is spent on investing in creating new webpages and even SEO for them.

I don’t believe that any business can survive on PPC alone.  It must have organic traffic if it’s going to have long term success.

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