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I can’t seem to get this one off the ground.  I have people asking me to do their SEO all the time, but I am just not motivated to start this business.  I know I have to.  I just can’t get myself to do it.

Here lies the problem with most people’s motivation.  If you are motivated by money and you don’t need it, that motivation is probably going to wane.  I look back at the hours I put into my first online store.  It was alot of hours for very little money during that time.

But it was also fun and a learning experience.  I didn’t view it as work.  But I also did need a decent stream of income at the time.  So it was either work on the store or get a job.

Now with this SEO business.  I don’t really NEED to do it.  It’s something I’d like to do just for business diversification.  I don’t need the money nor do I care about it that much.  I like to help people make more money.  I get my happiness from that.  However, there is also alot of pressure in doing that.  If this business did $10,000 a month, I don’t know how I’d feel.

You see with SEO, you are responsible for your client’s results.  Since I like to help people I would feel very bad if I wasn’t getting results for my clients who are paying me good money.

This brings me back to the story about a guy I met on the plane while on my way to Taiwan.  He runs a large online store and we got to talking about ecommerce and importing during the flight.  He told me that he is paying $30,000 a month on PPC and $5,000 a month on SEO.  When we parted he basically said to shoot him a quote and maybe he’d toss some business my way.

When I got back to the states, I sent him an email and he was still interested.  Now here was my dilemma.  For those who know SEO,  a $500/month SEO job for a local business is very different than a $5,000/month job for a national business.

I couldn’t just take what I’d do with a $500 job and multiply it by 10 to complete the $5000 job.  It is much more brainpower intensive.  $500/mo jobs could probably be done with minimal strategy and probably 1-2 hours a month of managing.  A $5,000/mo job would take alot of research and planning, and you probably wouldn’t see results for a few months.  I’m pretty sure that they would want a weekly meeting and weekly reports.  I’d get sucked into a semi-corporate world again!

So I sent the guy a toned down quote for $1250/mo last month.  He did not reply to it, I never followed up and I’m sort of relieved.  I am pretty sure I could have helped him and provided value.  But my nightmare would have been if he liked my work and wanted to up the work. :)

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