Seems like the RE market is picking up

Lots of showings on both condos but no offers. A same model condo in the same complex listed at $50k higher than mine went pending today. That is quite amazing to me because you can gut my whole condo (950 sf) and remodel it to look like the +50k one for $20k easily.

Lots of callers and lookers on my lots also, but again, no offers. My agent says that she took an ad in the parade of homes magazine which comes out in Feb. Hopefully, that will bring in some offers.

So while at the zoo today (I volunteer there) I get a text message on my phone that says, “What’s wrong with Google”. That usually means bad news so I check the quote on my phone and it looks fine, $435 up $7 for the day. But I knew that earnings came out after hours and that it must be bad for my friend to text me. Sure enough, Google drops over 50 points after hours due to disappointing earnings. The nice thing about real estate is that you can’t lose 15% of your market value in 5 minutes!

A few weeks ago I was doing pretty well with Google in the morning, I went to work out and when I got home an hour later I had a Yahoo Messenger on my computer. It said, “Look at Google”, of course I knew what that meant… Please only contact me when its bad news!

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