Scoping out fast foods

So I spent the day driving around taking pictures of fast-food restaurants. Some I would snapshots as I quickly drove by, others I’d drive into the lot. You never realize how these things are designed until you start to look at them in detail. I took pictures of Sonic, Burger King, Jack in the Box and McDonalds. I need to go measure these lots to see how big they are relative to mine. Problem is I can’t just walk around with a tape measure in the parking lot. Tomorrow, I’m going to get one of those laser tape measures, so I can just sit in my car and point the thing to the lot edges (walls).

Speaking of fast food restaurants I really like the style of Chipotle. It’s a little upscale, but it’s not that expensive. They use regular industrial looking everyday electric pipes and sockets and make it look artsy.

My restaurant lot is 85′ X 150′. So I’m trying to figure out what I can fit on it. I’ve come to realize that 85′ is pretty damn small. The current fast-food formula seems to be a small rectangular building in the middle of the lot. Parking on both sides and a drive thru menu behind the building with a pickup window on its left side in the middle.

I think I’ll be building something similar to this but without a drive-thru. I’d like to have indoor and outdoor seating. I need to make some sketches and go see an architect soon.

BTW, I’ve also been testing the competition. I went to a place today which is not too far from the lot, which will rename nameless, but it was horrible. No competition at all.

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