Richdad Meeting

The next day was the REST Workshop by Les Gee. Les’s workshop is based Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Board Game. Using the game, he teaches you the advantages of partnering and creating win-win situations. The workshop is incredible and really opens up your eyes. To those who haved played cashflow, getting out of the rat race can be done methodically. Roll the dice, buy assets, decrease expenses, eventually escape the rat race. But this workshop takes the game to a different level… imagine playing without the ability to take any big/small deal cards. Or playing without rolling the dice. Think about it… how would you do that? Once you learn how, you will see how to apply that to life.

The combination of the workshop and the presentations during the weekend made me realize that I need to change my investment style. I’m following the Kiyosaki books by generating passive income and escaping the rat race but that method is slow. What I’ve been doing is passive investing, I’m buying real estate and waiting for it to appreciate. Why just sit back and wait? I need to “force” the appreciation. I need to become an active investor… and by active I don’t need run around and look for properties…

Like Shaun mentioned in his blog, this weekend was an eye opener for me. I thought I was doing pretty well and now realize that I myself have been slowing myself down with my being. Yeah, it sounds cosmic or way out there, but once it hits you, you know what you’ve been doing wrong.

As an added benefit, instead of spending money at this meeting, I ended up making about $2,000. That’s the easiest $2,000 I’ve ever made and it was a win-win. So I guess that is time well spent.

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