Real Estate Update

I have heard from many different sources and people that the Phoenix real estate market is turning around.  Based on the offers floating around and people complaining that investors are buying everything up, it feels like 2005 again over here.

With that said, my real estate has been pretty much uneventful lately.  I just received rents checks, which I guess is how it’s suppose to be.

BTW, the house in Avondale had the toilet flapper go bad.  I got two quotes, $175 and $349 to replace the toilet workings on the inside and redo the water line.  Are plumbing prices really this high now a days??  To get just the flapper fixed it was $125 because they don’t just fix flappers, they replace the whole thing.  I think my problem is that I’m using google to find a plumber and that the top searches are going to be larger companies with an army of plumbers.  I need to find that independent plumber that does 1 or 2 jobs himself a day.

I had to replace carpeting in a 2005 built townhome.  Time flies because it seems like I just bought that place!  It’s a good rental market in Salt Lake City.  My old tenants left and the townhome was rerented within 15 days at $50/mo higher rent.

The Houston apartments are still there.  My gut is that one is sputtering along and always on the verge of foreclosure and that the other one is turning the corner.

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