Quick Update

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating in a while.  I got back from Taiwan on Jan. 25th.  I felt sick a few days later and thought I had an ear infection.  I went to the doctor and they think that I have shingles!  I didn’t even know what it was, but it’s basically the second part of chicken pox.  Shingles is suppose to last a while and you basically take viral medication and let it run its course which is 3-5 weeks.  I don’t think I have it that bad as I never got a big rash or anything and my headaches come and go.  I’ve heard that it can be much more painful.

Anyway, because of this I really haven’t been doing much the past two weeks.  I still go to work but I am pretty much doing the minimum these days.

I will post more details about the trip.  But I’ll share a couple quick points:

  • Met with a manufacturer in Taiwan, much more expensive than China, still debating on moving forward
  • US Customs said my imports were taxed wrong and made me pay another $2900 in duties
  • Met someone on the plane who has a big company, he wants me to send him a quote for SEO services
  • Bought a new store.  First time I’ve paid for a store!
  • Moving to a dedicated server

I promise I will update more often!!!

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