Processes, Processes, Processes…


So this past week or month I’ve been working real hard on processes.  I finally got around to getting an inventory system and a barcode scanner and printer.  All of my inventory is now barcoded and scanned as it is packed.

I was also working on a help desk type ticketing system for phone calls, returns and emails.

My big project is integrating Quickbooks, all my stores and automated shipping into one easy process.  After going through a bunch of software companies, I think I’ve finally found one that fits the bill.  The price is really reasonable too.  Only about $100 a month.

I installed it on Friday and was planning to implement it over the weekend but I ran into some bugs and unfortunately the company is closed on weekends.  If this program works as advertised, I seriously would not need any employees!  Yes, it’s that good!

Of course I will always need someone at the warehouse since boxes can’t pack themselves.  But the work will be much easier for my employees.


I will have some big changes in a few months.  I will have a new employee starting in June.  She is going to run all the ebiz stores.  I hope to have most daily operations out of my hands so I can concentrate on growing the business.

One of my employees is leaving sometimes this summer and the other one I will change his job responsibility to probably something more SEO, marketing related.

Not that this is a real business and not some small dropship store run out of my home, I need to restructure everything.  I need to move domains to their proper owners, setup new LLCs, etc…  just to get things “correct” in my eyes.


Of course, the number one reason why I have employees and a warehouse is so that I can take vacations.  I have another trip to Prague coming in 3 weeks.  I’m pretty excited to go back.

This summer, I’ve booked a whitewater rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.  It’s a 5 day trip on the Colorado river.  We hike down Bright Angel trail to Bright Angel Lodge and put into the water there.  From there it’s 4 days of rafting until we get to Bar 10 Ranch where we helicopter out of the canyon to an airstrip and then take a charter plane back to the south rim.  Based on the photos and trip reviews, this should be a great, exciting and one of those decompression trips.  No cell phone or internet for 4 days!


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