In memory of Maggie, my Siberian Husky 7/24/99 to 9/21/07

My dog Maggie who had Immume Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) had to be put to sleep last Friday.  It was less than 7 days from the point where she had symptoms of being sick to her passing.  Unfortunately, studies show that 58% of dogs who get IMHA do not survive the next week.


I got Maggie on 12/30/99, a day before the dreaded Y2k bug was supposed to destroy the world.  I’m sure most readers of my blog know that I’m all about living life to its fullest.  In her short life she travelled to many places and was able to see snow, desert, ocean and mountains.  I only hope that I gave her a happy and full life in her 8 years. 



At Huntington Beach in California


In the White Tank Mountains in Arizona


In her element in a blizzard in Chicago


Sunset on the porch in Colorado


Bye Maggie, I will miss you!

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