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I think it’s been 10 months since I wrote about my actual poker playing.  I moved up to $0.50/$1.00 last week which is also called NL100 meaing that the maximum buy in at a table is $100.  The money is starting to mean something at this point and I have to slowly increase my comfort level.

In the beginning, it was tough to play in pots between $25-$50 at NL25.  Then I got use to that.  The next jump to NL50 had pots between $50-$100.  Ok, that’s still managable.  Now at NL100 the large pots are between $100-$200.  After winning one of those pots I’m sitting at a table with $200 at risk.  This is where you can’t think about the actual money or you’ll be playing scared.

I’m still playing for fun about 1 hour a day.  The graphs below are from last week.  There are 2 graphs because I changed screen names in mid week.  The first graph shows that I made $347 in 2287 hands.  The second one shows $157 in 926 hands.  So for last week I was up $504 over 3213 hands which means I was either running very hot or the players were really bad.  I think I was running hot.

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