Photography Class

I’m taking a commercial photography class now.  I took this class mainly for its product photography portion because it would help me with my ecommerce sites.  All online stores need good photos of their products and I don’t like just putting the stock manufacturer image up there.

This class is alot more business oriented than I thought it would be.  We talk alot about how much to charge for a shoot, usage rights of photographs, types of commercial photographs such as editorial, advertisement, stock, etc…

But one of the nice perks is that the first part of the class is about portrait photography.  Portraits are boring to me, but there is a very technical aspect of them.  That’s why they all look the same.  But there is a fun part to portraits and that is the modeling portion.  In some of the classes we go to photo studios and do model shoots, which is something I’d never thought I would do.  It feels really weird to take pictures while telling the model what to do.  You’re just snapping away, taking about 100 photos in 3 minutes.

Anyway, I thought I’d give my blog some eye candy with some photos from class.  These are photos that I took so they aren’t the best.

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