Passive Income

October is over and the ebiz stores had a decent month.  Just a tad under 150 orders, about 5 orders a day.  I was wondering if this is still considered passive income.  I read an old real estate post on a different blog today about passive income and thought it was funny.  I think that landlording is much more work, but people call it passive.

Do you consider running an online store passive?

I would answer no and yes.  I had to answer phone calls and do a few more hours of work during the month of October, but in general if you had a business that required really no more than 1 hour a day of work, wouldn’t it still be passive?

I may have worked about 40 hours in my stores last month, but that amount of work generated thousands of dollars.

Do you consider landlording a few single family homes passive income?

When I need to find a new tenant or evict a tenant, it definitely takes up more than a few hours in time.  In this market landlording is generating barely any money.  It could actually be losing money.  But in general I am finding that running an ebiz is alot less work than landlording.

I think what I’m learning is that the only real passive income is interest from the bank.

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