Only 3 Days Left Here

I can’t believe it’s been 26 days since I’ve been here.  The first week went by slow, it felt like we did so much in so little time.  The past 2 weeks fly by and we are down to 3 days left.  Since my last post I’ve been to numerous castles, Vienna and a small town call Cesky Krumlov.  This has been a great experience for me, to basically travel back in time back to my college days for one month and also back in time visually seeing all this history.  While it has been fun I am ready to comeback and re-enter my “real world.”

The above is a photo of our photo class shooting outside of the classroom.  Yes, I am actually here for a college class, though I must confess that I have not completed any of the homework or turned in many assignments.  I can’t think of a better place for our photo class than below the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Prague while hundreds of tourists walk by and wonder what’s going on.

I think the experience has also taught me more about myself. I definitely have learned to live in the moment alot more.  Ten years ago, working at a job and sitting in a cube I probably would have thought that it was impossible to get a month off let alone be able to afford it.  You have to say to yourself sometimes, “I’m sitting in a f*cking cafe in Vienna eating an ice cream cone and I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours just watching people go by.”  “Holy shit, I am here in Europe and I’ve lived here a month!” Because sometimes you don’t realize why this moment is so special.  I find myself doing that alot.  I wonder if the younger students understand that.  Because I’ve been through the corporate world so I realize that moments like these, especially ones that last one month are very rare once you graduate and get a job and enter the real world.

While going on these tours, hanging out at the bars and walking into souvenir shops, my mind wanders and always asks questions like, what can I import or how much is rent here, what’s the price of real estate.  Seems like I like to think about business alot.  While the others go out to bars at night, I have fun researching Czech exports in my room. Marionette dolls are popular here ( but it’s not the type of thing that I want to sell, nor do I think the market is large enough.

Although I haven’t found anything worth pursuing, I do know that I like running businesses and finding new things.  If you are that type, this show is a must watch (  It’s called Around the World in 80 Trades and it is about a guy who buys things from one country and sells it in another.  The whole series is on youtube.

So as I begin to prepare to come home, I am excited about many things for the second half of this year.  The largest change is me getting an office and warehouse for my stores along with hiring an employee.  I am also importing a new product from China next month.  I received some samples which looked good and will be placing a new order soon.  I really feel that this one will hit the market strong and can dominate it.  I’ve learned alot about pricing and can land these new products for almost 40% off of my previous pricing.

I also have 2 new stores that I will be opening ASAP in July.  I am excited about the markets and the margins as all my research has pointed to these being sucessful from the start.  My biggest hurdle is getting good domain names for these 2 stores.  I want to tie my stores together with similar domains, but I also don’t want to pay $1000 for a domain name.

I only have one vacation left for 2011 in July, after that it’s time to grind until 2012, make money and buy that Ferrari.  BTW, I really miss not driving here!   So here are some photos of Prague.  I know will miss it and the people the second I step onto that plane.

First the Ferrari.  I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize too! :)

Prague, Old Town Square, the Tyn Church at night.

Vienna at night

Vienna at night

Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic (click on the link to see images of the town in Google, it is well worth it)

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