Online Shopping Sales Technique

So I was looking at this product yesterday when my cell phone rang.  I began talking to my friend and about 5 minutes later this message pops up at the corner of screen.

It is offering me $0.85 off the price of the product which translates to a 7% discount.   At this point during my shopping, I already had this product in my cart, so they really shouldn’t be offering this.

My guess is that the software cannot or does not check the product page against your shopping cart.  So it is basically tossing away money to customers who’ve already decided to purchase this item.  On top of that, I had 20 items in my cart already.  So guess what I am going to do?  Exactly, go back and revisit every item and wait.

This is a very interesting technique, but I’m not sure a 7% would be enough to sway me into purchasing this.

So out of curosity I went to a product page for an RC car that was $275 and waited and the offer of $260 popped up about 5 minutes later!  That is a 5.5% discount!  I wonder how many online stores have this feature built in!

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