Odd moral dilemma

I have set my ebizes up to get as many add-ons to each order as possible.  For example, let say that I am selling suits in my ecommerce store.

I have the following for sale as individual items:

Gray jacket = $300
Gray pants = $300
Gray Jacket and pants suit = $550
Red Tie = $50

A savvy shopper would look at the photo and description of the Gray jacket and pants suit and see that it is the same as combining the Gray Jacket and Gray Pants.  Even in my description of the Gray Jacket says that this is the top portion of the Gray Jacket and Pants suit.

But you would not believe how many orders I get of Gray jacket and Gray pants separately.  My customers could have saved $50 by choosing the Suit, but instead they purchase the items separately.

Also, if you buy the red tie when you buy the suit, the tie costs only $35.  You save $15.  However, in order to get this $15 savings you must add the red tie as an accessory to the order when adding the suit into your shopping cart.

A savvy customer will get a Gray suit and red tie for $535.  An unsavvy customer will pay $650.  That’s a huge difference.

I see orders like this come through all the time.  Somedays I feel bad for these customers, somedays I don’t.  Should I give the unsavvy customer a break?  They would never know they paid too much.

Edit: After thinking about it tonight, I don’t feel too bad.  People do this all the time to us.  Just think of the way plane tickets are sold.  Everyone on the plane probably paid a different price.

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