Nov 2012 Update

October turned out to be a very good month after all.  With a strong run in the last week we push well past $100k in revenue.  The next thing I focused on was Black Friday.  We ended up running a couple black Friday sales and they did not convert as well as I thought they would.  However, Cyber Monday turned out to be a very good day.  November turned out to be a decent month.  Amazon sales are growing very fast.  Ebay sales are non-existent.

We are into the busy Christmas season now.  I had a couple huge shipments arrive from overseas.  In fact, I even shipped some by air so they would get here in time.  That get’s expensive as each box costs about $200 to ship here and only contains 10 products.  That adds $20 to the cost of each product.  But it is still well worth it.

With all the inventory in the warehouse now, it looks like I really need more room.  I put an offer in last week for the space next to us.  If accepted my total office area would become 4,000 sf, which is huge!  For 2013 I have a couple goals in expansion.  I want to do more Amazon and wholesaling to brick and mortar.  If that works out I will need that space next door and a forklift!

Also in 2013 I have another new business that I’m going to start up.  I have to do it next year.  I feel like I took 2012 off in terms of growth, so I will push in 2013 to launch something new.

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