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I attended a Nielsen movie screening a few days ago. I went to one a long time ago and get an invite every once in a while.  Although lately I feel like I get one every month.   This is the first one that I could actually attend.

It was an interesting experience because they never tell you the name of the movie.  Basically I showed up at the theater and a pre-determined time.  I had to sign a non-disclosure form and get a wrist band.  They did not allow any cell phones with cameras and they went through every purse and used a handheld metal detector on you.

You are literally sitting there in a theater with no idea what kind of movie you are about to see.   All they told us was that it was action and probably rated R.  You sit there and are just hoping that it would be Transformers 3 or Spiderman 3 or Batman 3,  just something cool please!

The movie starts with no intros or credits.  It literally just starts.  The lights go off and the first thing on the screen is the opening scene.  There isn’t 20 minutes of previews and countless studio intros.  It would be nice if all movies were like that.   The audience is just sitting waiting to see actors and actresses that they recognize.   They cheer when they see the lead actor, then another and another.  They had alot of big name actors in this movie.  Unfortunately, I thought the movie sucked big time.

We were reminded that this was a work in progress and that many aspects of the movie were not quite completed yet.  I guess that is why they do screenings so they can improve their movies.  But this was just awful.  I will predict a Rotten Tomatoes 33% right now.  We will see how close I am when it comes out.

Without my phone I had no idea how long I was sitting in the chair, but it felt like the movie was over 3 hours long.   You know the movie is long when you just want all the bad guys to die so it will end.  Afterwards, I found out it was not even 2 hours long!

When the movie is over they pass out a survey and you can write down all your thoughts about the movie and rate its action, drama, suspense, romance, stunts, etc…  I gave it pretty poor ratings.

It was a fun time I guess.  I did feel like I wasted a night.  But that’s what you get when you play movie roulette.  If you guys are interested in going to these screenings just register here.

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