Next Trip Booked: Iceland? Yes Iceland.

My friend and I were bored and trying to figure out a new place to go.  I hopped on and somehow navigated to this trip (Kingdom of Volcanoes and Glaciers)

The trip is one week in Iceland exploring its glaciers and volcanoes.  It just looks phenomenal.  I had to go.  So I bought my tickets yesterday and will be leaving in a month.

We are also staying at the Blue Lagoon therma spa.  Look at this place!

Lastly, I hope to see the Northern Lights.

Just looking at these 3 pictures I wonder why more people don’t go there?  BTW, it’s only a 5.5 hour flight from New York.  Plane tickets from Phoenix were $1000 and the tour is $1300.

This blog by Nomadic Matt has a good post about things to do in Iceland.

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