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I’ve been working on a redesign on this blog for a few weeks.  So here it is finally.  It’s not 100% complete yet but it was good enough to be switched over.  The theme is slightly inspired by my t-shirt design that I made a few weeks ago. Part of that is also due to me watching the Discovery Channel’s shows on the construction in Dubai.  It just made me want to be on the beach. I’m sure most of you know that Dubai is building a bunch of man made islands called the world.  It is pictured below.


When I first saw these islands I thought that each island would contain one or two large houses. What I didn’t know was that not only can you build on the island, but you can also reshape it.  You can make one side taller, cut a bay into it, etc…  The video below shows the many many possibilities that creative developers can construct on the islands.

For example, a group of Irishmen want to make their island look at feel just like Ireland.  Therefore, they want to shape their island to look like the Ireland coast which means cliffs and rolling hills.  It also means lush green landscape throughout the island. Making freshwater will be their biggest challenge.

Another developer has purchased the Australia islands and plan to build a huge community with roads interconnecting the islands.  They plan to build houses on top of the water as well as on land.

Here is a promotional sales video on these islands. BTW, they said Arizona is still available.

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