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The hardest part of opening a new store for me is naming the store.  These days, coming up with a cool name is only step 1.  Step 2 is checking the domain name availability.  Step 3 is checking for a trademark and Step 4 is checking on the origin of the word just to make sure it doesn’t mean something bad.

Most of the good domains are taken, so you end up making up words that sound good or combining two words together that sort of make sense.  This process takes me weeks and probably the most frustating part of opening a new store.  A name would pop into my head while I’m trying to sleep and I have to get up and check it.

The store name process eventually becomes a long list of names that I type into just to find out that they are all taken.  It’s not unusual for you to enter 100 domains and have them all be taken.  I only look for .com names with no numbers and hyphens.  It must be a pure name.

I even bid on a few names on but I didn’t hold my breath as I’m sure most people wanted more than my low bids.

But after two weeks I found two great names for my 2 new stores.  I even found a great name for one of my old stores.  So once I had the names, I could begin to work on the look and feel of the stores.

I’m sort of doing these stores backwards because I want to open stores of products that I use.  So in these cases, I decided on my niche market and then a store name.  Now I’m going to get suppliers.  Yeah, I know it’s totally backwards but I have more confidence now and I’m also not limiting myself to dropshipping.

So hopefully within a month I will have another 2 stores up and running!

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