New Store Doing Well

It’s been 3 months since I’ve opened up the new store.  SEO is finally getting traction and traffic is increasing.  I haven’t quite turned a profit yet, but all signs are good.

I’ve spent just under $1000 thus far on the store startup and SEO.  In Jan and Feb the store made only $100.  In March it has made $400.  I think I should be at breakeven by April and it will be profitable by May.

I contrast this “investment” vs. my gold coin investment.

I purchased a gold coin for $950 last year and it is worth about $1400 now.  While that is a nice return, I need to sell it to realize any of the money.  An ebiz store started with $1000 can bring may easily 100% return per month.

The gold coin however requires no work at all.  It sits on the desk making money (hopefully), whereas the ebiz requires constant attention.

I know that this is an apples to oranges comparison with regards to growing money.  But in the end, the actual dollars created is apples to apples.

Tomorrow I want to talk about a concept that my friend Bill introduced at our Beer and Pancakes 2011 Meetup a few weeks ago called “Monopoly Money.”

UPDATE: Maybe I should write about my new store more often.  In the hours after my post a few orders came into my new store for a total of $2800 making a nice profit of almost $500.  So within the span of a few hours my new store is within $100 of breaking even!

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