New Shipment Arrives

New Shipment

My shipment from China arrived yesterday.  There was no call from the trucking company.  Just 3 pallettes and 1500 lbs of product showing up at the door.

Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy.  I had over 30 on backorder and people waiting a month to get these.  So I spent the afternoon packing the backorders up.  I hate backorders, because they are like loose ends.  I like to get an order, ship it and be done with it.

One product store, $2000 a day

About a month ago someone was selling a website due to his time constraints as a college student.  I took a look at the site and it looked promising.  But when I talked to the owner about why he was selling, I realized that he didn’t have to sell.  He just had to streamline the business and/or hire someone.  I gave him a few tips on streamlining.

Fast forward to two weeks ago.  I contacted the person because I wanted to purchase 2 of his products and he offered to send them to me for free because I helped him a month ago and for some future consulting if he ever needed it.

Yesterday I asked him how sales were going and he told me that he is now getting about 150-200 sales a day!!!  So here is a full time college student pulling in about $2000 a day!  Of course, I’d like to think that it was all due to my help, but he had some great marketing ideas using social media and youtube that really took off!

Part of me wishes I would have bought his business, but honestly I didn’t think that this type of demand volume was there.  I don’t mind helping anyone who tries in business.  This kid had a business up and running and got stuck with an issue and then asked for help.  It’s much easier to help someone like this than someone who just says “Can you help me start an ecommerce store?”

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