My tenant in SLC townhome#1 wants to stay

I get a call from my PM in SLC.  It’s ironic that I get a call the day after I made the post about possibly firing them.  I wonder if they found my blog through the link I put in yesterday’s post.

Anyway, my PM says that my tenants in SLC townhome#1 who originally gave notice to leave on June 30th and then wanted to extend their stay until July 31st cannot find a place to move to which is as cheap as mine (another reason I need to raise my rent).  So they would like to stay month to month at the same rental rate until they find a place to move to or until I sell the townhome.

They are paying $995/mo now and I’m asking $1250/mo.  I don’t think there’s any reason for me to allow them to keep renting at $995/mo.  I wonder if the only reason that they’re moving is because they think I’m selling the place because I’m not selling townhome#1 anymore.  I am only selling townhome#2.

So, tomorrow I’ll talk to them and see if they want to sign a long term lease.  I may offer them a slight discount and rent it to them for $1,125.

No update on the earnest money situation from a few weeks ago.

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