My Sleep Schedule is so F’d up

My blog posts usually become live at around 4am.  I don’t schedule them to go live at that time.  That is the time that I hit my Publish button.  As I type this it is 3:15am right now.  I’m wide awake.  I just finished answering emails for one of my businesses.  I finished packing 30 boxes around 2am.

My neighbors and the cops probably wonder, who’s that guy walking his dogs at the park at 2am?   Or maybe they like it because it’s like a neighborhood patrol every night.

The funny thing is that I never feel tired or feel like I lack sleep.  I get about 5 to 6 hours a night between 3am and 9am give or take an hour.  But I also get about 1-2 hours of nap time each day.  It usually happens after I get my food induced coma at around 2pm.  I take a nap from 3-5pm on most days.  This happens alot in the summer because you can’t really do anything outdoors in Phoenix during those hours when it’s 110+.

The thing about sleeping whenever you feel like it is that you never have to force yourself to stay awake.  And you never have to force yourself to go to sleep.  You get to do what your body tells you it needs.

I often wonder if this type of sleep schedule is healthier than getting a full 8 hours at night and then nothing else during the day.  When I was working I probably got 6-7 hours a day and never took any naps.  Even when I was tired at 7pm I did not want to nap because then I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep later on.  Anyway, I’m rambling because typing this post is making me sleepy.  Off to bed!

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